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At SQUAD MANPOWER , we prefer making every challenge turn to our benefit. In this process of evolving, we keep expanding and bettering ourselves as we endeavor to meet and exceed each and every client requirement.

Social entrepreneurship amongst all our leaders at SQUAD makes it possible for us to surprise our clients with our expertise and limitless capabilities. We offer customized services to all our erstwhile as well as new clients and make every partnership worthwhile and everlasting.

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  • Outsourcing/ HR Staffing
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In this volatile global economy resulting in frequent dips in job openings, we, at SQUAD MANPOWER, strive to achieve zero unemployment by strategizing our recruitment methodologies and initiatives. We focus on each profile individually and prefer to understand the requirement and disposition of every individual in order to connect him or her to the right organization. Through proper training, evaluation and superior integration technologies, we are able to successfully meet the demands of clients spinning across continents. Our head hunters hail from different locations and multiple cultures. This allows us to unify the geographically disparate recruitment techniques into one global standard, providing a huge amount of insight in the complex process of talent acquisition.

Outsourcing/ HR Staffing

In the present volatile market situation, companies are forever seeking out new cost-cutting measures that can ease out the extra burden while keeping the vital operations of the organization intact. In such a scenario, procuring employees for flexible/temporary placement in the organization can save the company’s funds to a large extent. However, it is essential to choose wisely when entering into a partnership with firms that offer to source professionals on their payroll. Partnering with SQUAD MANPOWER, premier HR staffing and outsourcing firm, saves you the hassle of doing background checks on the professional hired for a specific role, be it in the junior level or at the leadership position. SQUAD MANPOWER not only performs a thorough check on the employee, but also undertakes rigorous interviews during the selection process in order to screen out less deserving candidates.

HR Services

While companies globally are forced to look for cost saving means in areas pertaining to HR functions in order to channelize the funds towards core functions, Alchemy has come up with astute HR services that can assist clients in pursuing their core business processes without holding up their resources on HR related activities. Our expert services lower the financial impact on your company to a large extent while ensuring lateral and vertical growth. A complete range of HR processes is delivered at minimum risk as well as cost effectively.

Management Consulting Services

Today‘s business is all about maintaining a steady focus and hitting the bull‘s eye each time, over and over again. It is just not enough to deliver the right experiences to the right people. One has to do it when the time is perfect. Aligning business goals with the right timing in order to experience maximum positive outcome is what our formidable experts at SQUAD MANPOWER excel at achieving with every client.

Marketing Services

Customer acquisition and customer retention, being ongoing processes, require a number of touch points that can add value to the process of communication with the customers. Each of our marketing services at SQUAD MANPOWER is designed around these touch points and guaranteed to make an impact on your valued customers as well as target audience.

Business Consulting

It goes without saying that trained professionals always make a sizeable difference to the productivity of any organization, big or small. Taking any business to the next level, whereby the company can grow and prosper, requires the leaders to be extremely focused and goal-oriented. read more


Owing to our global scope of operations, marketing your products and services within UAE or in your geographic location becomes quite easy for us. Flexibility, accuracy, economy, relevance, speed and efficiency are the six major areas that we focus upon while providing best-in-class marketing services to clients.

Our customer-centric approach helps us reach our target faster and more effectively. Our services rely on both time-tested methods as well as modern technologies to achieve maximum benefits. The right blend of conventional and unconventional techniques brings the best out of all our services.

We encourage senior management and small business owners to hone their inner strength in order to promote self-learning and increase focus during work.

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